$5,000.00 / month

  • Full-Day Branding and Video Strategy Super Session: An extensive monthly session focusing on the integration of video content into brand strategy and marketing objectives.
  •  High-Volume Video Production Suite: Production of up to 20 videos per month, tailored for maximum impact, including long-form content options. This encompasses professional studio equipment, dedicated videographers, and photographers.
  •  Quarterly Studio Shoot: Every three months, conduct a full-day studio shoot, which includes both video production and a professional photography session to create a stockpile of high-quality visual content.
  •  Comprehensive Post-Production Services: Advanced editing, motion graphics, sound design, and colour grading to ensure each video stands out.
  •  Omnichannel Distribution and Marketing Strategy: A bespoke distribution plan for video content across LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and more, including SEO, influencer collaborations, paid advertising, video resizing, and captioning for each platform.
  •  VIP Support and Creative Consultation: Direct access to a dedicated account manager and creative team for personalised service and expert guidance throughout the entire process.
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